Stitch in Time

Levi’s was recognised around the world as the original and definitive American jeans brand. But it lacked focus. We changed everything by changing nothing, taking the timeless assets they already had and refining them to create a simple, disciplined, forward-looking identity worthy of an iconic global brand.


Levi’s had everything they needed in their back pocket. They were literally sitting on some of the most iconic brand elements in the world: the distinctive arcuate pocket stitching and a red tab with a cropped registered trademark symbol. By combining the two, we created the modern “ Batwing”, which is now firmly established as THE icon for the brand.

We distilled Levi’s pioneer spirit down to a raw, confident brand essence that was ready to face the future. It gave them the discipline they needed to be consistent around the world, but not at the expense of inspiration. We ensured our visual identity system kicked open the door to opportunities, rather than restricting new ideas.

© Yoonsul Photography

We restored and updated Levi’s famous Two Horse Pull icon to make the unique demonstration of durability and strength more visible.

Distilling the Levi’s brand was one thing. Embedding it was another. We devised a global launch plan that helped Levi’s roll out the new visual identity system, so it was understood everywhere. We also created a fold-out map, inspired by the brand’s San Francisco roots, to help guide the brand for a whole new generation of pioneers.