As Ray Croc once famously declared, McDonald’s isn’t in the hamburger business, it’s in show business. McDonald’s is everything to its fans from a first date to a wedding venue. It’s a tattoo, a road trip, a party and an after-the-party. The brand is part of culture, welcoming of all, even the ones who dip fries in their milkshakes. In 2017 we embarked on a creative and strategic partnership to help McDonald’s reach a new generation of fans.

The iconic Golden Arches provided the necessary inspiration, influencing every aspect of the identity from the engineered curves of the custom font to an inviting golden glow throughout the experience.

The system extends to every touchpoint, including sub-brands, loyalty programs, retail locations, corporate conventions and the headquarters itself. We built a digital hub to house the guidance and inspiration for clients and agency partners across the globe.


Accounting for over 30% of sales, Happy Meal has been putting smiles on faces for generations of fans. We put a new smile on the iconic box for Happy Meal’s 40th birthday and created a new visual identity to match. The system navigates the ultimate cobranding challenge blending worlds with multiple properties.

The most significant, long-lasting change comes from within. The new identity focuses on fans, particularly those who work for and with the brand. Gaining traction for the new identity started with the markets. A new awards program was established to recognize best in class work across regions. The new assets debuted at the World Wide Convention in 2018.

The MyMcDonald’s Rewards program is the ultimate fan club. We helped shape the brand new loyalty program to make it as simple and approachable as possible. Over 30 Million fans agreed and signed up within the first 6 months.