Clearly Confident

It takes an immense amount of courage for a brand to defy convention, especially when that brand is beloved in over 190 countries and ranks in the world's top ten best-selling sodas. The stakes were high. But Sprite had something bigger to say, to its fans and to the category as a whole. Change was the only option.

The new first-ever, globally-unified system unites the brand under a singular visual expression. With a focus on simplicity, we stripped the brand back to reveal only the essentials, nothing more and nothing less.


The wordmark was aligned to a new horizontal baseline. Showcasing the brand’s powerful recall with minimal elements.


Contrasted with a unifying bright green background the wordmark takes center stage for the packaging system, introducing black to connote zero sugar offerings.


The recrafted Spark, now a standalone symbol, serves as a  bold shorthand for Sprite in environments where the brand is already recognized.

The brand almost says more with what was excluded versus what remains. A seemingly simple shift from colored to clear PET ensured a higher probability and ease of recycling. A small but significant step for the brand's social and environmental commitment. The iconic translucent green was replaced with clarity, literally and figuratively.

Clarity pierces the identity across every facet and becomes the benchmark for the brand experience.




Refraktiv, a custom display weight of Aktiv Grotesk, brings the expressive details of the wordmark and spark icon into headlines.



High-contrast lighting and an emphasis on dimension effortlessly adapt to motion.

"With a global business this size, it is important to note that the design work sparked a renewed commitment and belief in the brand with bottlers and customer teams. This helped them focus and ramp up execution, gaining valuable display space that contributed to these great results."

— Rapha Abreu — Global Vice President of Design at the Coca-Cola Company

Since the rebrand, Sprite rose to 15th place in rankings of Gen Z’s favorite brands, was listed first among Kantar’s index of most resilient brands, and made Forbes' best brands for social impact list, elevating the conversation beyond the marketplace to connect with fans on values, social stance, sustainability, and support for their communities. So let’s raise a glass of something crisp and refreshing: To progress.