Vocation Brewery
An Eye for Detail

From humble beginnings in a chicken shed on Cragg Vale, it took just nine short years for Vocation Brewery to become one of the UK’s largest craft beer brands. Their secret? A relentless — and at times obsessive — commitment to brewing, of course. It’s their Vocation after all.

But in a crowded market, even greater success demanded more than just brewing excellence; Vocation Brewery needed a brand as bold and expressive as their beers.


Referred to as a 'return to roots' by the team, our journey to strengthen the brand saw us strip back and reaffirm Vocation’s foundational principles: their commitment to brewing, and their belief that craft beer is for the many (not the few).

Elevated to the heart of Vocation Brewery’s new visual identity is ‘the eye’, a secondary mark from the brand’s recent past, which speaks to the brand’s unwavering focus and visionary outlook.

A new technical monoline illustration style, applied across packaging and brand touchpoints, reflects Vocation Brewery’s story of precision and passion. 


Bold colours bring contemporary appeal to Vocation Brewery’s craft and create a clear system for communicating — and navigating — flavour.

Bold, beautiful beers, with an eye for flavour, Vocation Brewery stands out in every way.


Illustration : Brian Steely 

Cell Animation : Marek Mundok