Brotherhood Sister Sol celebrate their new Harlem home

Image Courtesy of Brotherhood Sister Sol

We were fortunate enough to join the 17th annual benefit gala with our partners at the Brotherhood Sister Sol organization, where they premiered the powerful short film about their new headquarters.

Building a Beacon, produced in partnership with Girvin Pictures, explores and celebrates BroSis' new home at 140 Hamilton Place in Harlem, NY, and its critical role in enabling their vital mission.

We're filled with pride to see some of our work adorn their new home after an incredible journey working with the BroSis team to help redefine their brand. For over 25 years, BroSis has been paving new roads in social justice, education, organization, and training for Black and Latinx youth, and we cannot wait to see what they do next. 

You can find more about Brotherhood Sister Sol, donate, or even volunteer at

Brotherhood Sister Sol

Hero Image by Chris Cooper

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