Your favourite part of the movie


Whether you're watching on the big screen or at home on the couch, no movie experience is complete without popcorn. So with this classic pairing in mind, we transported REESE'S™ famous brand assets to the silver screen, using the epic visual language of movie blockbusters.


An iconic popcorn box steals the spotlight of our eye-catching new packs - shot from a dramatic angle, overflowing with REESE'S™ popcorn and adorned with a larger than life REESE'S™ logo crop. Back of pack received the cinematic treatment too, with REESE'S™ irreverent tone of voice inspiring bold copy that reads with classic Hollywood hype.

Now the only question is, what’re you watching on REESE'S™ popcorn night?

Voiceover : Will Arnett

Photography: Katie Clark

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