TD Studio Swap : Emma & Sally

Emma Barber 


What did you find the most interesting working in SF?

It was interesting to see how the other studios worked together in the creative process, from brainstorming ideas to picking colours for print. It was a great opportunity to get involved with different client briefs and meet new people that I wouldn't get the chance to in the other studios! It was great to finally put faces to names of my coworkers, everyone was so welcoming and excited to show me the best parts of the city. 


What was the best food you ate while in San Francisco?

The best place I went to eat has to be Burma Superstar, a Burmese restaurant that is infamous for their tea leaf salads, definitely worth a try if you’re in the area! Pizza from Golden Boy and Tacolicious are also up there with my best food spots. My favourite place to drink was Woods in Lower Haight; Shout out to Daphne, Oliver and Tyler for showing me honey beer!

What did you see that inspired you the most on your trip?

I loved seeing the modern-Victorian architecture everyday while walking to work. Each building in the city has its own style and personality, it was fun to visit the neighbourhoods and see the differences in design from house to house. And of course, the amazing art deco inspired Golden Gate Bridge, I had to cross it at least twice! 

What was the weirdest phrase/slang you heard and didn’t understand?

Sauced. It means to be drunk, apparently a very West coast term to describe how I was feeling for most Saturdays while I was visiting! Used in a sentence: Pints of spicy margaritas will get you sauced. Trust me.

What’s the number 1 tip you’d give someone visiting San Francisco for the first time?

If you have the time to visit Alcatraz Island, do it! As well as learning all about the history there, going over on the boat, it has amazing views of the city from across the Bay and some beautiful gardens on the island to explore in the summer. Golden Gate Park is also a must do, we hired bikes and cycled through - stopping frequently to take it all in. I didn’t get a chance to see everything in the park, so I have a great excuse to go back and do it all again! 

Sally Lee 


What did you find the most interesting working in London?
The UK studio shared similarities with SF, however there were noticeable differences. Firstly, the layout of the studio, with more people preferring face-to-face communication. In SF, we rely on both in-person interactions but also frequent communication through Slack. It was interesting working with new people and seeing how each team tackles creative briefs slightly differently.




What was the best food you ate while in London?
I indulged myself big time during the swap, and there were a few gems on the list. However, if I had to pick just one, my top choice would be The Barbary Next Door! It's a charming little bar, right next to The Barbary in Neal’s Yard. The bread they served was heavenly—so soft, fluffy, and warm, paired with phenomenal dips. The seafood was incredibly fresh and delightful. Another standout for me was the Buns from Home. Sarah and Joanne brought some for the studio, and I instantly fell in love. I couldn't resist their fluffy and buttery cinnamon buns, and I shamelessly went back for them three times.


What did you see that inspired you the most on your trip?
I had a great time exploring various neighborhoods and stumbling upon hidden gems around the city, particularly admiring the architecture and signage. There was something fascinating about taking leisurely walks after work and immersing myself in the unique character of different areas. It allowed me to appreciate the diverse architectural styles and captivating signages that added charm to each neighborhood.


What was the weirdest phrase/slang you heard and didn’t understand? 
“Pop the kettle” which means to make tea! 


What’s the number 1 tip you’d give someone visiting London for the first time?
Make sure to explore the vintage shops while visiting London! Put on some comfortable walking shoes and wander around the city. One of the exciting aspects of London is discovering hidden shops nestled between the streets. The vintage shops here are truly exceptional, and I've stumbled upon many of them simply by strolling around. It’s so fun to check them out even if you’re not buying anything. Additionally, be sure to check out the Car Boot sales as well. Thanks to a recommendation from Rosie at the UK office, I found my new favourite leather jacket at one of these sales.

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