Visions of Agave

As National Tequila Day approached in 2022, our partners and Hornitos wanted to find the perfect way to celebrate the product they've been crafting since its bold arrival in the fifties. When the brief hit our studio, we instantly had Visions of Agave.

Collaborating with street artist and muralist Madsteez, we curated a one-day-only immersive experience, celebrating tequila's rich, colorful heritage and uplifting the blending ethos. Inspired by his experience wandering Hornitos' Mexican agave fields at sunrise and sunset, his vibrant interpretation emerged in NYC.


Madsteez's signature bold colors and free strokes ensured Vision of Agave was an unforgettable, captivating experience that transported patrons from the streets of Manhattan to the agave fields of Mexico as they made their way through four carefully crafted rooms.

The event reached beyond Hornitos' typical consumers, attracting a guest list full of swagger and cultural salience. This, paired with the impressive response on social, enabled us to begin defining the brand's rightful place in culture as anything but your average tequila.

With the 1,000 coveted spots snapped up in just 24 hours, a 200+ person waitlist and a line around the block, it's fair to say Visions of Agave got noticed. A lot. Gaining 26m+ total impressions (13m+ through micro/macro-influencer channels), delivering the highest earned social in the brand's history (allowing them to turn off paid media for 2 weeks), and even catching the attention of new channels for the category like Hypebeast

Made in collaboration with ICNCLST, Founders Agency, and Madsteez.





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